Saturday, 26 October 2013

How to Format or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y Mobile Phone
Format Galaxy Y

Why Format Samsung Galaxy Y?

Samsung Galaxy Y is an Android phone. Like any other such phones it also tends to gather many junk documents and data in the phone’s internal memory. Every operation of the phone will write something on the phone’s log book or other files. As a result, the internal file system becomes complicated. Installing and uninstalling of apps has also similar effects. There are many malwares, adwares etc which damage the core operating system. The phone becomes slow, unresponsive, tends to work strangely and unpredictably. In such cases, you shall have to format or hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Y as soon as possible. It will clean the slate and your phone will be pious again, being freed from every sin.


If you want to do hard reset then you must be careful about certain facts:
Backup: Formatting will erase data. It will make the internal memory of your Galaxy Y clean from each and every file which you have stored. You shall lose your photos, movies, contacts, messages, emails if all of these are stored in the internal memory. So, you shall have to take back up of your data to protect.
Power: If,during the hard resetting, the battery dies for lack of juice, then you shall be ruined. It will brick your phone and you shall have to take to the Samsung Care. So, you need a fully charged phone. At least, 70% charge is required to be on the safe side.


The author of this article or the website is no way responsible for any damage to your phone during the formatting. You shall proceed on your own risk.

Formatting Using the Code

All right, enough is enough. Now, I am going to tell you how to do the trick. It is very simple folks! You just need have to dial a code and the phone will be formatted.
This is the code *2767*3855#
Just dial it and see the magic

Formatting Using Settings Menu

You can format or hard reset the Galaxy Y suing its setting menu too. Follow the steps:
1) Open “Settings”
2) Go to “Privacy”
3) Find out “Factory Data Reset” and select it.
4) Inside that menu you shall have to select “Reset Phone”.
5) Now select “Erase Everything”
That’s it, so simple!

Formatting : Another Option

This option is for emergency. What if, your phone freezes instantly after being switched on? Sometimes, it is seen, that when you switch it on, it restarts. In that time it would be impossible to find out the factory reset setting. It would be very difficult to type the code too. So, what to be done?
There is another way to do it.
1) Press the Volume Up and the Menu key at the same time. Menu key is the middle physical key.
2) Now, while pressing those two buttons, power on the phone.
3) You shall see the factory reset screen.
4) Select “Wipe data/factory reset”
5) Now confirm to perform the task.